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NASA wants you to curate its spaceflight playlists

The challenge is aptly named #MoonTunes...


Celebrating the Apollo 11 launch anniversary and preparing for the upcoming journey to the Moon, NASA have announced their #MoonTunes music challenge.

With astronauts expected to make a three-day journey each way to the Moon in 2024, NASA have opened suggestions for their music playlist to the public.

Not just accepting submissions for songs which have seen a release, NASA have also confirmed links for original productions can be submitted.

Song submissions are open from June 3rd to 28th and the #MoonTunes playlist will air on NASA's Third Rock Radio July 13th and 14th.

The playlist will hopefully be more of a success than the fund started to build a giant NASA blanket at Burning Man

In 2018, Jeff Mills recorded six-part radio show 'The Outer Limits' with NASA and NTS.