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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Kissy Sell Out gears up for Tignesfest!

What you wearing right now?

"A long red XXL t-shirt with a picture of Stephen King's 'It' printed on. I made it to scare my Radio 1 producer Becci with hee hee! I'm also wearing my last pair of light blue 2% elastin drainpipes since the last 2 pairs ripped while I was on stage!"

Describe your style…

"I'd say probably 'individual' and 'cute' too hopefully!"

Favourite designers?

"There are a lot of great designers out there but I don't wear any designer clothes really. Wearing expensive clothes makes me feel inadequate because Im not the kind of guy who should be wearing them."

Favourite boutique/store?

"I'm a big American Apparel fan cos you can put their clothes with anything and customise them easily. I've also been known to go hunting round vintage stores for the last few years."

Favourite sneakers of all time?

"Haha… I'm not really a sneakers kind of guy! I had some Nike iD trainers but they were like rocket boots so I only ever wore them to the gym, I have a nice pair of Ed Banger records special edition sneakers on my windowsill, but plain white plimsoles from Bethnal Green are good enough for me!"

How do you shop?

"I buy loads of clothes online, mainly cos it freaks me out when people in clothing stores watch me like a hawk when I walk in somewhere. When I do go out shopping I do that boy thing when you go straight in and straight out with one of my mates."

Most treasured item of clothing?

"I found this wicked one-off black hooded coat in a shop in brick lane where they sell clothing designed by new designers straight out of college. I've worn it to every festival gig. I've had for the last 2 years and all the buttons have all sadly fallen off but it's still my precious little coat."

What are you up to?

"I'm looking forward to this years Tignesfest! I've helped curate some of the artists on the bill and I'll be performing with my live band as well which will be exciting! Rocking out on the ski slopes - bring it on!"