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A Royal Flush

A Royal Flush

Pokerflat really are an ace label.

Pokerflat is right up there on our 'greatest labels of our times' list. Steve Bug's imprint has, for the past ten years, been making a big impression, busting out finely honed, quality electronica aplenty.

"Back then I was already running a label called Raw Elements but due to very various styles of music we got from our artists, we decided to split the label into two new ones, Poker Flat and Dessous. But the main goal in the beginning was to give me and my friends a platform to release tracks. Simple as that." So says the bugster.

Job's a good'un! To mark the occasion of their 10th anniversary PF are offering DJMag readers five of their fabulous 'All In' box sets complete with packs of cards, t-shirts and stickers! For a chance to win, simply wing us over an email with your address to [email protected] or pop a postcard in the snailmail addressed to DJ Magazine, Poker Flat Competition, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London EC1 6QL.