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Less Is More

Less Is More

Stylish nuggets and tempting treats...

COLOUR OF THE MONTH… We'll be seeing red this month. The colour of rage and passion that bursts and brims with Spring-time abandon. Even if it's just a splash of lippy, a cunning detail on your kicks or a loud pair of shades or goggles, we'll be paying a nod of respect to the colour of blood.

BAG THIS ONE… Normally we're not so big on bags. To be honest they often price themselves out of our radar. Raf Simons also has a pricey range, but his genius ability to lure and capture our sensibilities is almost forgivable. Oki-ni.com

EUGENE IS SWEET… Nike's SS09 Eugene lightweight track jacket is a remastered version of the Windrunner. Cut in organic cotton with a vast spectrum of colour combo's – we're talking orange blaze, sport red, varisty purple, neon turquoise and rave pink. Aah yesh!

GOGGLE EYES… We're not entirely convinced that goggles will catch on away from the slopes – maybe in Hoxton – but we're loving the look in snowier climes. Anon have a fine collection, including this rather buff colour of the month pair. Anonoptics.com

ROUX 4 U… We've been well into Chateau Roux from the word go. Set up just two years ago and now with their own store off Carnaby Street, CR rightly have a hardcore of ambassadors and fans. At a glance we decided a long sleeved, black sweattop is one of their key pieces this season.

MAKE UP… OK, so it's not everyone's cup of vodka, but a bit of slap, on a guy is still a look that gets our nod of respect. It doesn't take much. Just the merest smudge of eyeliner or a flick of a brush of shadow. You'll get sooo many brownie points, believe us.