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Showcasing fresh house cuts from Hot Since 82, Eats Everything and Shadow Child (among others), Jaymo and Andy George's 'Moda Black Vol. 1' revealed the duo's interest in darker, more demure sounds of the house spectrum when it landed last summer.

Where the original Moda label and parties carved their names as citadels for frazzled fidget and big-room electro, its pitch-black sister finds them exploring maturer, more understated sounds. That's not to say they've jacked in the partying in favour of a quite life of sobriety. No siree! With the second edition of the Moda Black series, featuring garage/house exclusives from Huxley, Ejeca and Medlar & Pedestrian out this month, we asked the boys to share their diary..

Our studio, London

Jaymo: “Yeah ok, this isn't a gig, but it is where we spent the first six weeks of 2013. The reason? Working on Moda Black and going balls-out on new productions. We've never before dedicated such a solid period of time to making music and it was really beginning to frustrate us. We wanted some time to experiment and really get into our stride before the year started to unfold. We're pretty happy with how it went and there's loads of new J&AG music en route. We also spent a lot of time working on the second Moda Black album. It's really important that we make sure every detail is just right; the mix, the artwork, the packaging, the vinyl. It's our baby at the end of the day!”

Warehouse Project, Manchester

Andy George: “We've got a lot of respect for WHP; they're always thinking about how to evolve their product and make their events bigger and better. Their newest home has to be the most impressive yet – and whilst inside you might feel like a spec of dust in an ocean of humanity, the super high production standards ensures that the epic-ness of the venue is paralleled with incredible sound and light. Where they go from here is anyones guess.”  

Moda Black, SG1 Warehouse, Glasgow

Jaymo: “The opening night of the 'Moda Black Vol. II' tour and what a place to kick things off. After alighting the train, Andy releases his customary 'local accent' rendition, causing mild offence amongst those in ear-shot. That said, it's best he gets it out of his system. Tonight's our first official Moda Black party in Glasgow – we've got Richy Ahmed, George Fitzgerald and our Moda Black homie Hot Since 82 on the bill and it's already sold-out. Every DJ loves playing in Glasgow and for good reason; it would take an apocalypse to stop this city raving. Absolute dedication.”

Fabric, London

Andy George: “When you start out DJing there's certain places on your list of dream gigs, and Fabric is usually one of them. So when they asked us to run Moda parties there we jumped at the chance. In the past 12 months we've brought along the likes of Maxxi Soundsystem, Hot Since 82, Miguel Campbell and Mia Dora. Regardless of whether it's room one or two, it's always bumpin' hard. A chance to catch-up with old friends and usually meet a load of new people too. Viva la institution.”

Moda Black, Warehouse, Leeds

Jaymo: “Tonight we're heading to our old stomping ground for the Leeds leg of the Moda Black tour. This is our first time at Warehouse and it's another sell-out, this time with Ejeca, Miguel Campbell and Alexis Raphael joining us. This historically endowed venue has played host to 30 years of mental parties and tonight's no exception. The whole place is throbbing by midnight and promptly descends into sweaty chaos soon after. 6am rolls around, the club closes and for a brief second we consider going back to the hotel… Then we remember we're in Leeds and that's absolutely forbidden – so we fill our boots with vodka, march towards Headingly and commence a tour of approximately 38 random after parties. Several hours later we deposit our slightly worse-for-wear friend at his girlfriend's apartment. She looks displeased. We retreat. God bless ya, Leeds!”

A house somewhere in rural Surrey

“Whilst shooting the video for our recent Maxxi Soundsystem and Tom Gandey release on Moda Black, the fresh-from-Uni film crew mentioned an annual house party they run and asked if we'd like to come along. I mean, you literally couldn't make this shit up. 300 people climbing the walls of a huge eight bed bungalow on the sleepiest street in suburban Surrey – the sort of place your Nan retires to. Soundsystem, lighting, smoke machines, drapes – we quickly forget this is actually someones house. We ask how they get away with it and apparently they've cut a deal with the only working policeman in 10 miles. It's like Skins 2013 but with better music and stronger intoxicants.”