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It's a Good Look

It's a Good Look

We love their style and we love them!

Unequivocal style gurus Royksopp have been wowing us with their fashion sense for near on nine years.

"We don't stick to one specific designer. We tend to wear whatever suits us. Preferably clothes that have a story," explains Torbjorn Brundtland. "Yes, it sounds cheesy, but it's true. Right now I'm wearing a Japanese designer t-shirt with a drawing of Falcor from the movie 'Neverending Story' on it. I didn't buy it for the brand, but rather for what it looked like - namely the Falcor 'spoke' to me. Hope that makes sense. If you however want names I'd say anything from Billionaire boys club to Vivienne Westwood via Bruuns Bazar and H&M -and all in between. As longs as it looks good, we'll wear it."

With album number three 'Junior' leaping into our hearts this month and a micro tour planned, we'll be watching very closely to see exactly what the handsome Nordic duo will be slinging on.