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It's a Good Look

It's a Good Look

Buraka Som Sistema are easy on the eye and kind to our ears.

We're an easily excitable bunch at DJ HQ, in all honesty it doesn't take much to get us going. So when the Buraka Som Sistema album on Fabric Recordings first landed on our desks we danced a happy jig and have been gushing about them ever since.

These ghetto tech protagonists have got the sounds and the look - a four-piece comprising of Lil' John, Riot, Conductor and MC Kalaf that bursts into larger numbers when their extended family of dancers and MCs join in. Quizzed about their sense of style, Lil' John says: "It's a balance of classical urban outfit with a simple touch of designer pieces, aka... whatever is not too dirty complemented with some headwear!"

Watch out for these hot-blooded, breakbeat funksters on the festival and club circuit later this year.