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Fedde Le Grand launches new Toolroom comp

Fedde Le Grand launches new Toolroom comp

Fedde chats about 7-hour back-to-back Ministry set with Mark Knight

Fedde Le Grand touched down at Ministry of Sound on 6th February to launch his new double CD Toolroom Knights compilation (out 22nd March) with a takeover of the Box playing back-to-back with Toolroom main man, Mark Knight.

Recreating the successful DJ partnership which heard them join forces behind the decks in Ibiza last summer, the pair played a seven hour set to a club rammed with eager ravers.

“I’ve never seen it like that in Ministry,” laughs Fedde. “People were queuing around the block when I got there at 1.30 in the morning! The demand must be pretty high so you never know, maybe we will do it again.”

When asked about his track of the night, however, Fedde is remaining tight-lipped.

“It’s a track in progress, which I tried out that night. Mark too was amazed. Luckily it was on my USB, not on CD, otherwise he would definitely have snatched it out of my hands.”

With the future of Ministry also recently put in doubt due to plans to build flats opposite, he is quick to speak out in the club’s defence.

“It’s shocking. I can’t quite believe that somebody somewhere is actually seriously thinking about this.

“I read online that one of the corporate people who want to build these flats said, ‘nightclubs come and go’.  I don’t think they realize what the Ministry of Sound is. It’s not just any other club, it’s the benchmark for many DJs of what a club should be like.  It’s an institution, it’s the head of a huge global music empire and it’s part of our international dance history.

"They already know that if they build these apartments, it will cause problems, so why do they decide to go through with it?  It will just cause the developers problems and I honestly think that they will be shocked by the reaction to their plans.”

You can watch footage of the party at be-at.tv