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Ketoloco DJs tell us about their most memorable nightshift

We've all had a day job we'd rather not think about. Whether it's manning the till at Tescos or pulling the feathers off dead turkeys at christmas, we've all had to endure some pretty shitty tasks to get to where we are now. Even DJs. Heidi might have dished out wax at Phonica, Damian Lazarus once a crime reporter for The Sun and Laurent Garnier was a chef before taking on the world's noisiest rooms, but not all clubland's most wanted have lived such notable lives.

Behind every potential Jamie Jones or Seth Troxler, there's likely to be a petrol station assistant or a dental surgery cleaner who, after slogging it out all day, retire to a lamp-lit bedroom each night to make tunes in lieu of their major breakthrough.

Just as well, making it in clubland is a nocturnal pursuit. At the end of every mundane day job is the chance to escape, sweat out all the problems of the day either in the booth on the 'floor of our favourite churches of dance. These nightshifts are what true clubbers work towards, not to be confused with an overnight job as a hotel porter or a security watch man.

Leeds-born party Ketoloco has the right idea. After starting its life within a basement dubbed “DC15” in 2007, the night recently moved to the Big Smoke. Previously at Cable, it's now moved to Sidings Warehouse also at London Bridge.

Following the roadblock caused by Solomun and Hot Lunch last October for its sixth birthday, Ketoloco returns on May Bank Holiday (Sunday 26th May) for another big one, Ketoloco: Night Shift, featuring Todd Terje, Audiojack and Droog.

Support will come from Hunter/Game in the main room, while Mark Henning and Ketoloco DJs prop up Relay and Tapesh takes on the Balcony, hosted by Bad Apple and Pardon My French, for another night destined to cause a rupture on the clubbing richter scale.

Judging by the turnout last time, DJ Mag advises you to get there early to avoid disappointment. This date is London's underground clubbing equivalent of an earthquake with a damn good soundtrack, so don't miss it.


“The Mission: To collect the Ketoloco sound system from Ibiza, during the course of a weekend, while sandwiching in a DJ gig at Electric Sex. Twenty-eight hours driving, two ferries, a three-hour set, no sleep, police bribes, supermarket sweeps, an F1 style tyre change and that was just the journey there!”

“My favourite night shift was a 12 hour stint at a bakery we used to work at, we used to go there in the dark and leave in the dark. £5 an hour seven days a week, BOOM.”

“So many 'night shift' narratives to speak about over years. From almost being kidnapped in Mexico, to falling asleep in Japan and waking up in South Korea or being financially extorted in the Ukraine, touring isn’t always for the fainthearted but it sure as hell is fun!”

“It has to be a gig I did in 2006 in Düsseldorf/Neuss at Tribehouse. I was supposed to play for two/three hours but it was so crazy, huge party, people screaming, and in the end I played non-stop for 11 hours. It was insane... I'll never forget it!”